Draw no Bet in Betting Explained

The draw no bet which is abbreviated as DNB, simply means you are eliminating a possibility of a draw and picking a winner. If they lose you also lose but if the match ends as a draw you get back your stake amount depending on the bookmaker’s policies. Betting on a draw no bet is considered to be less profitable due spotting lower odds compared to the match winner odds.

The traditional 3-way option is automatically converted into a 2-way betting option on DNB by removing the possibility of a draw and you’re choosing a must win option and therefore you should always pick a must win matches. Understanding how the draw no bet works is usually not enough but you also need other bits of information to narrow down the possibilities of a no draw bet.

Draw no Bet in Betting

 So how does the DNB work? This article will discuss how the draw no bet works and the cover bet strategy among other available markets on DNB.

How the Draw no Bet works

There so many articles explaining how the draw no bet works but they all point in the same direction. That is if your picked team wins you also win and if the team loses you lose. If the match ends as a draw then your stake amount is refunded since neither win nor loss and this is the reason why the odds are slightly lower on DNB than regular bets since you are splitting the stake amount into two.

The DNB is considered a safe way to bet on football since the since the game has to have a winner and should be used in football finals since there must be a winner, at the end of 90 minutes. Extra time is not usually considered and bookmakers usually place wagers on only the regular time and hence if a team draws during time you are refunded.

Alternative DNB – the Asian Handicap 0.0.

It’s common for majority of punters to compare the Asian handicap as an almost similar to the DNB but this is not the case since the Asian Handicap is betting on pure numbers online and not the traditional 3-way bet types. However, the odds are slightly higher than the draw no bet therefore picking the Handicap is considered to pay more than the DNB and considering their almost similar.

The bookmakers give the underdog a goal advantage even if the favourite wins. Depending on the bookmaker, the Asian Handicap has a smaller commission they offer for both European and Asian betting types.

How to create your own DNB?

Bookmakers usually offer a variety of markets to satisfy punters hunger for more markets and you can take advantage of this by creating your own draw no bet. You only have to use the same amount on the selected team and then adding another bet on the draw. The extra bet splits the stake amount into a given ration depending on the odds offered and usually calculated using the stake divided by the draw odds.

Let’s take an example whereby we have £100 to be used to bet on a match between Manchester United and Liverpool. The available odds are home (2.00) draw (3.30) away (2.40). So after calculating the amount to stake on two bet types will help find out how much to wager to get both your stake amounts. You can subtract the amount with the initial stake and bet on the rest on the favourite to win.

In the event the matches ends with no winner you money is refunded, in the same way as the DNB option. But this type of betting is no longer used since its time consuming and you will need calculate to balance out the odds. Although such calculations have been rendered useless since bookmakers nowadays offer DNB odds that are almost the same with the punters calculations and these has reduced the work load on bettors to almost half.

Creating your own bet on draws is considered to reduce the 5% bookmaker’s over-round odd sets and can be applicable for home or away no bet. However, you should always back your pick with solid information on pre-match analysis.

Does draw no bet include extra time?

 The answer here is a Big No, depending on your online betting provider (bookmaker) we have some that offer no draw bet option during the extra time and the common option is the 90 minute bet. Extra time are usually given during final championship matches since there must be a winner to lift the cup and a draw during extra time in not possible, meaning you lose the bet if a draw is made.

What happens to DNB on the accumulator?

The accumulator combines more than 5 match selection and if you win all but lose by one draw (DNB) bet. The match is rendered as void meaning you will get part of your winnings back and each bookmaker offers different ration on the same.

What is the difference between the double chances and draw no bets?

The draw no bet allows punters to cushion their bets on two bet option that is a win and loss. On the other hand double chance allows bettors to pick two possible outcomes on the full time result. But unlike DNB the double chance option has no return on stake meaning you will completely lose your stake amount.

The cover bet strategy

  • Find matches where a draw is a possibility but also a win is the most likely favourite and usually equally matched teams are the common culprits to bet on the DNB. Online bookmakers developed the draw no bet after noticing punters placing two bets on the same game that is a win and a draw option.
  • Pick matches you rather place a DNB than a straight win, match stats are important since they give the general idea of the possibilities during the match and experienced punters prefer the draw no bet based on bits of information.

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