Asian Handicap Total Goals Markets Explained

Asian handicap is one of the favourite bet markets that bookmakers are providing and covers pretty much all sports events. But majority of punters bet on the football Asian handicap markets with over/under markets being the obvious pick. The AH markets require a specific pick to overcome a given number of goals in order for the bet to be valid and the bet is rendered void if the conditions are not met.

There are different types of Asian handicap markets. The common types are the full goal, half goal and the quarter bet markets. The only difference is the range, with the goal difference being the match decider and usually can be lesser or more depending on the bet type. The Asian handicap in simple terms provides the most likely favourite a goal disadvantage and the only way to win the bet is by the team winning by more than the goals provided.

Asian handicap

Over/Under 0.5 goals

Also known as the half goal since a full goal is a single number. In order to win this bet, the team picked is required to score one goal for the bet to be valid and the same is repeated for the under 0.5 goals were the match has to end in a 0-0. The odds on the under 0.5 are usually higher than the over since there is a more likely chance for either team to score.

Over/Under 0.75 goals

The quarter of a hundred is 25 add this plus the half, you get the three quarter value of 0.75 goals. These bet type is complex in that the stake amount is split to half (0.5) and the quarter (0.25). The bet is valid if a goal is scored for the over 0.75 and is also void for the under 0.75 goals if it’s more than a goal.

However, in the under 0.75 goals only one goal is scored then you get part of your stake back, unlike the 0.5 bet the bet is still valid if only 1 goal is scored. You lose half (0.5) your stake and get back the rest back (0.25) depending on the bookmaker the conditions vary.

Over 1 goal/ Under 1 goal

This is a full goal Asian handicap. You are betting on a goal line and therefore need an extra goal to win and if you the match ends with only a 1 goal difference then you get back full refunds from the bookmaker but this is not guaranteed with bookies providing different conditions. While if the match ends goalless then you lose the bet. On the under 1 goal the same is applied if more than 1 goal is scored the bet is off and if the match ends goal less you win. Depending on the bookie a refund is given if the match ends with only on single goal and this type is considered as the safest way to bet on the Asian Handicap.

Over 1.25/ Under 1.25 goals

This type splits the margin into half and full goal Asian handicap, almost similar to the over/under 0.75. If a predicted over match ends with only 1 goal, you get half your stake back from (over 1 goal) and the remaining is lost for the (over 0.25). The bet is also lost if the match ends in a stalemate (0-0). For the under 1.25 the bet is won if less than 1 goal is scored and you still win in a (0-0).

Over 1.75/ Under 1.75 goals

This is a combination of both a full goal and quarter goal. The same theory applies here whereby the win margin is set at two goals and the under is by less than 2 goals for the bet to be valid. If the match ends with more than two goals, you win (+1.75) and you lose if the match ends with more than two goals for the under (-1.75). the odds are split into two the full and quarter so in the case the match ends with two goals and you had picked the over option you will get half your stake (under 2) and the rest over (1.5) will have won. The same applies for the under whereby the (under 1.5) wins and the rest of (under 2) is refunded as stake.

Over 2/ Under 2 goals

In order for a bet to be valid should be more or less of 2 goals, let’s say a match ends with the favourite ending with (1-0) or (1-1) the over will loss since both results have not met the over 2 goals requirement and the under will win for both results. Regardless of the picked type both will be refunded if the match ends with only two goals and will depend on the bookmaker’s policy on refunds.

Over 2.25/ Under 2.25 goals

In the event a match ends with more than 3 goal difference the over 2.25 goals pick will win, and the bet will be rendered invalid in the event the match ends with less than 3 goals for the (under 2.25). The bet is still void if a match ends with 2 goals and you will lose on the (over 2.25) and get the (under 2.25) since the limit is not passed.

Over 2.5/ Under 2.5 goals

Most picked option by experienced especially on matches with a more goal or less goal chances. The trick here is to predict a match to have a greater number of goals between 3 or more for (over 2.5) and less for (under 2.5). That is below 2 goals to win the bet and works for both teams scoring provided the given range of goals is not violated.

Over 2.75/ Under 2.75 goals

Similar to the over/under 2.25, you need more 3 goals or more for (over 2.75) and you need less than 3 goals to win (under 2.75).

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