When and How Bookmakers can Limit Your Account

A punter’s account can be limited in terms of wagers one can place on a single bet and this usually done to protect themselves from suspected punters who are winning a little too much. Bookmakers will limit such accounts on detection of malpractice and will go to the extent of totally banning such accounts.

In reality bookmakers really hate punters making a living out of their business by winning more than they normally should and this directly affects the business operations of the bookmaker. Due to fear of bankruptcy the bookie will ban such punters to protect their business and this surprisingly legal.

Bookie Account limitation

We may have heard stories of such cases of bans from friends or even experienced being banned first hand and this usually an inconvenience with some punters claiming they can withdraw winnings from their online betting accounts. The common bans usually occur when playing on online casino platforms and just like the traditional casino games there some ways people can cheat.

There so many theories that can lead to a ban or limited account and to some extent they will just want to get rid of you completely in order to avoid losses associated with such suspicious punters.

How will a bookie limit or ban your Account?

The limiting or banning of an account by a bookie is purely aimed at minimizing the losses associated with punters winning most of the time and maximize the profit creating a consistent graph and this is usually not aimed at customer satisfaction but making money out of the customer. So here are the number of ways why our accounts can be limited.

  1. Malpractices detection, there so many reasons we can get banned and we usually get notified of the reason for the ban via email. The common malpractices that lead to bans are know your customer (KYC), use of illegal software, arbitrage and laundering of money among other practices that goes against the rules and regulations stated by the bookie.
  2. Delay of withdrawals or no withdrawals at all, the main reason behind such a ban is due to be found guilty of a heinous crime identified by the bookie who decides to completely prevent you from accessing withdrawals from your account. Since they believe you stole money from them through mischievous ways and therefore you don’t deserve to receive a payout unless you can prove that the money was won in fair gaming environment.
  3. By limiting your stake on favorite leagues, most punters prefer playing on specific leagues that are convenient to them and much easier to win than other leagues offered by the bookmaker. The limit is usually low and if manage to go around it the bookie notices this and issues you a warning, informing you that is not allowed. The aim is to limit winnings of the punter and prevent loss to the company.
  4. Customizing betting markets for “special punter”, so punters have the tendency to win from less popular leagues like the women’s league and the bookie may see this as the source of their losses. However, such popular leagues are great market influences and will never see them removed from their platform what they do is limit specific punters from accessing such markets. They may also remove some of the betting markets from a punters account in order to limit them from their winning streak.

The 3 types of an Arbitrage

Being a common strategy if used frequently can lead to a ban by the bookies depending on the extent of the use in online betting and will directly lead to a ban. Most established bookies provide warnings on arbing as illegal and give out penalties or even bans. Mistakes can occur but is uncommon since bookies nowadays prefer to create comparison on betting markets and proven to be effective at making arbitrage betting difficult.

Bookmakers can easily identify Arber through the following ways;

  • Abnormal Stakes amount on bets, the number of bets and odd value may rise suspicion on the bookies side if the punters use an average value on odds. Let’s say a punter picks an average of € 100 and places a less than € 95 amount and late on bet on another market. This may be difficult to detect to some extent but if the trend is used many times, it will definitely rise eyebrows and get you banned or limited.
  •  Claiming of bonuses and free bets, punters usually try to get more than they bargained for and they usually take advantage of the bookies welcome offer and bonuses to make a profit. This common trend of claiming bonuses using different accounts has become a big problem to betting companies and has also had some punters being black listed or even banned across different platforms due to breach of the rules. That’s why nowadays the punter may be required to place bets over a long period of time and with limited number of odds in order to be able to withdraw the money.
  • Time on site, although this may not seem as a valid reason to get yourself banned, bookies see this as a malpractice and although there is no average time limit required. Suspicious activity may rise the alarm and this is usually due to hacking or use of a software that affects the platforms operation. This usually take hours or even days and such activities are usually detected by the system.

Will betting sites in my region completely ban me from their sites?

The answer here is definitely a yes, no bookie is looking forward to making losses and they are also not looking to waste time sorting legal issues in court. Most bookies are opening up to cooperation communications and also public relations department whereby they sort business and common issues as a group to create a favorable betting market that is both fair and profitable. Although some bookies may have legit reasons for closing your account be worried of scam bookies.

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