Master Betting Bankroll Management

Managing money in betting helps to ensure we do not go bankrupt in the long term and professional punters usually way how much money they are will to spend as stake. By wagering surplus money on betting ensures that if we win or lose our normal life won’t be affected and generally management ensures we become financially disciplined. In order to profit from betting we need to manage our bankroll since it’s a vital part of online gambling.

Developing a strategy will also require you budget your money well to profit from betting and due to the unpredictable nature of online betting we should try to avoid placing without first learning bankroll management skills. It does not matter if you are higher roller or a minimum stake kind a guy, without a plan or a betting strategy you are still at risk of losing bets. Majority of punters in the industry luck style and that’s why most end up bankrupt in their late 30s due unplanned spending or addictive nature of gambling.

Betting bankroll management

Choosing a Stake Plan

The stake amount wagered can vary but bookmakers sometimes offer the minimum amount that can placed as a stake, and this limits the punter to a specific amount. Also, a maximum stake amount is provided and these limits higher roller punters, therefore need to develop a stake plan that works for you. A stable stake will control how many bets you are willing to place in a day and also prevent rush decisions like chancing of losses or overdose betting due to extremely high number of matches.

Losing streaks may chase away a good number of registered punters who completely abandon online betting, but some choose to remain and pick up new strategies to help them avoid such losing streaks. You can lose money in the short-term betting that may affect your betting strategies in the long run if you don’t develop new strategies to counter the effects and chasing losing bets is generally a bad idea.

To be successful at betting you should first understand the basics, how to bet, how to find value in odds, how to develop a betting strategy and how to manage bankroll. All this questions together with the betting history will help in identifying problems you face as an online punter and also shows detailed results on why you are losing money instead of benefitting from gambling in the long term.

However, you should not expect to win all bets every day and we should keep this in mind when developing a plan. Even professional punters experience losing streaks but if you are generally losing random bets, you should really review your betting styles and a management strategy will also help you.

Every experienced punter has also been involved in chasing of losses since we all don’t like losing bets and prefer to risk more to do damage control. This strategy may seem logical, but you are only chasing losing bets and this usually doesn’t end well for your bankroll. If you can plan or manage your stake amount you have a higher percentage of getting money lost initially.

Stake Plans that Work

The amount you can stake in a day will control expenditure, once you are comfortable with the stake amount picked you will be more comfortable placing those risky bets unlike when you are staking a huge bankroll amount you are generally uncomfortable each time looking at the scores since you are potentially thinking of losing a lot of money.

The amount to stake depends on your betting habits and goals. When choosing the stake amount you are on your own and this will depend on your management skills. However, there two main ways to stake your plan that is the flat or variable.

Flat stake

Also known as the level staking plan, it’s commonly used due to its simplicity and its generally low risk in nature. The plan requires a consistent amount of stake used to place wagers on bets every time you decide to bet but is determined from needs and wants. The size of bankroll is used to decide amount of bets to be placed and the amount is spilt according to number of times you wish to bet.

We placing bets we consider a number of factors like variance, standard deviation, the profit percentage and the maximum drawdown all this factors strengthen a punters analyzing ability to create confidence.

Variable stake

The unit stake plan (1-10 unit stake) is a popular variable stake plan and is considered by most professionals. Each stake is simply staked with units and should correspond as part of the bankroll amount. These betting style requires experience due to increased risks and should not be used to protect your bankroll from being reduced.

Let’s say you have staked a 7/10 units a professional will consider picking 6/10 and according to this tactic 10/10 bet cannot exist, that’s why it’s considered safer to go with lower stakes at first. A simpler unit stake is splitting the units into two that is 1 and ½ that amount (10/10 and 5/10) as wagers and the secret is to determine value for units.


To be in control requires you follow a set of rules that will ensure emotions are in check and also control amount to wager as stake. The guidelines should be developed from your betting styles, betting goals and bankroll. Being strictly disciplined will help better manage bankroll and will help you avoid deviating from the set goals. There is a difference between correctly managing money and actually doing so, by deviating from the set guidelines will land you into financial trouble that’s why self-control is important.

Although correctly managing the bankroll is important you should also be able to draw the line between money for everyday expenses and money for betting. Majority of punters end up making this mistake, this affects they normal everyday life and may damage your reputation in the long run.

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