Today’s Football Betting Tips

Updated on July 24, 2024
Country Competition Home Team Away Team Tip stadium_capacity id field_length market field_width home_strength status federation distance_between_teams away_strength is_expired season result start_date last_update_at
Costa Rica Primera Division Deportivo Saprissa AD Guanacasteca 1 23 310,381 105 classic 68 2.18 pending CONCACAF 152 0.65 2024 - Apertura 25/07/2024 03:00 AM 23/07/2024 01:06 PM
Costa Rica Primera Division Municipal Liberia LD Alajuelense 2 310,379 classic 1.21 pending CONCACAF 150 2.55 2024 - Apertura 25/07/2024 01:00 AM 23/07/2024 01:06 PM
Venezuela Primera Division Monagas SC Deportivo La Guaira 1X 51 310,190 classic 1.63 pending CONMEBOL 413 1.87 2024 - Clausura 25/07/2024 01:15 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Colombia Categoria Primera A Millonarios Bogota Atletico Nacional 12 36 310,377 105 classic 68 2.72 pending CONMEBOL 245 1.39 2024 - Clausura 25/07/2024 02:00 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie C Aparecidense GO Ypiranga RS 1X 310,254 classic 1.31 pending CONMEBOL 241 1.06 2024 24/07/2024 11:00 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Costa Rica Primera Division San Carlos Cartagines 1X 310,380 classic 1.16 pending CONCACAF 75 1.06 2024 - Apertura 25/07/2024 01:00 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie A Fluminense RJ Palmeiras SP 2 78 310,374 105 classic 68 1.29 pending CONMEBOL 357 1.73 2024 25/07/2024 01:30 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie A Sao Paulo SP Botafogo RJ 1X 66 310,250 108 classic 72 0.63 pending CONMEBOL 357 0.75 2024 24/07/2024 11:30 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Singapore Premier League Tampines Rovers Geylang International 1 310,262 classic 2.08 pending AFC 2 1.21 2024 - 2025 24/07/2024 12:45 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie B Brusque SC Paysandu PA 12 310,375 classic 0.78 pending CONMEBOL 851 1.71 2024 25/07/2024 01:00 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Venezuela Primera Division Metropolitanos FC Universidad Central 12 10 310,189 classic 0.75 pending CONMEBOL 0 0.40 2024 - Clausura 24/07/2024 10:30 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Peru Liga 1 Alianza Atletico Melgar Arequipa 2 12 310,383 105 classic 68 0.97 pending CONMEBOL 621 0.73 2024 - Clausura 25/07/2024 07:00 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Singapore Premier League Balestier Khalsa Tanjong Pagar 1 310,261 classic 1.93 pending AFC 6 1.24 2024 - 2025 24/07/2024 12:45 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Switzerland Swiss Super League Servette Young Boys 12 30 310,241 105 classic 68 2.71 pending UEFA 129 0.96 2024 - 2025 24/07/2024 07:30 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie A Cruzeiro MG Juventude RS 1 62 310,249 105 classic 68 0.80 pending CONMEBOL 261 0.30 2024 24/07/2024 11:00 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie A Atletico GO Bahia BA 12 41 310,373 110 classic 75 2.71 pending CONMEBOL 225 2.36 2024 25/07/2024 01:30 AM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Brazil Serie A Criciuma SC Fortaleza CE 12 28 310,248 105 classic 68 1.05 pending CONMEBOL 2 1.15 2024 24/07/2024 11:00 PM 23/07/2024 07:05 PM
Peru Liga 1 Cusco FC Sport Huancayo 1X 310,384 classic 1.45 pending CONMEBOL 386 1.28 2024 - Clausura 25/07/2024 09:15 PM 23/07/2024 10:05 PM
Brazil Serie B Ceara CE Botafogo SP 1 64 310,464 110 classic 75 1.38 pending CONMEBOL 184 0.53 2024 26/07/2024 01:30 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM
Peru Liga 1 Universidad Cesar Vallejo Universidad de Cajamarca 1 24 310,477 105 classic 77 1.49 pending CONMEBOL 120 1.26 2024 - Clausura 26/07/2024 01:00 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM
Brazil Serie B Goias GO CRB AL 1 41 310,465 110 classic 75 1.04 pending CONMEBOL 657 0.87 2024 26/07/2024 01:30 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM
Costa Rica Primera Division Santos de Guapiles Perez Zeledon 12 310,468 105 classic 75 0.83 pending CONCACAF 94 1.28 2024 - Apertura 26/07/2024 01:00 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM
Mexico Liga de Expansion MX Correcaminos UAT Cancun 12 18 310,475 classic 1.34 pending CONCACAF 293 1.75 2024 - Clausura 26/07/2024 02:00 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM
Brazil Serie A Corinthians SP Gremio RS 12 68 310,463 105 classic 68 2.03 pending CONMEBOL 853 2.74 2024 26/07/2024 12:00 AM 24/07/2024 02:05 AM

More Football Betting Tips

How to Place Winning Bets Using our Football Betting Tips

Everyday life requires us to learn basics before advancing to the next level just like football, tennis and many other sports events, we first learn the rules, how to score points among other things concerning the sport. Although betting is silently different depending on the bookmaker, there are a number of universal standards set and can be found in majority of the bookmakers in the market.

Before betting we must understand that it has long term effects or short-term effects depending on how you plan to use the online gambling bookmakers will affect your lifestyle and it’s advisable for interested punters to first get enough knowledge before venturing into betting.

Sports Betting Guide

A punter is nowadays not limited to just sportsbooks but we also have access to a variety of markets on daily basis. Majority of punters don’t take the time to look at the betting theory and they basically learn as they go, making mistakes, learning new things gives them pleasure.

Such punters are categorized as casual they play for fun, unlike the professionals who critically analyze before placing bets and usually they have plans or a strategy which helps throughout their betting career. Bookmakers offer a range of markets, and we can pick our favorites to bet on.

The unlimited access to sportsbooks betting and online casino has made majority of punters can now earn a living from both sports betting and virtual games. A good punter will take time to understand which markets best fit they playing styles but since most of us don’t have any experience concerning betting, it may be hard at first and with time we acquire experience since betting can take up to years to master.

 Winning Football Betting Tips on Online Betting

  • Develop a plan or betting strategy; without a plan you can’t be organized and deviating from the objective is common among beginners. So having a detailed plan showing number of selections, stake amount and bet types to use can help you when betting. Betting is not easy that’s why we need a plan to ensure we have a good winning percentage besides betting on luck only.
  • Take time to understand bet types, value for odds; there are a good number of bet type markets offered to a punter on sports betting and therefore by first understanding how the 3-way, double chance, over/ under goals work can place us in a better position to use them when the need comes up. A good punter should be able to utilize the available resources to create productivity by at least winning from a strategy developed and also should be good at analyzing past events.
  • Try live betting or pre-match betting; after understanding how the system works try the various features available on the betting platform like live streaming and if the shoes fit we can be more comfortable betting on favorites than markets not yet tested. Its recommended you have a go at most of the available markets with small amount as stake since you are just testing to get a feel of the market and we should just invest the surplus money since winning on casual bets is lower than a professional bet.
  • Keep records on previous results; whether you lost or won its important to keep records and learn from mistakes, to avoid making them in the future. This helps you gain experience on better decision making and we can determine the right time to cash out.

Why You Need to Always have a Betting Plan

To be successful at betting apart from depending on dumb luck we need correct interpretation of data, assessment of odd value, financial discipline, good analysis of football betting tips and a good memory . All this are included in a well-planned betting plan and can be used in online betting, without an organized betting plan we are doomed to fail.

Since majority of punters randomly place bets without analyzing or formulating a plan, a small percentage win such events while majority loss but if you can create a functioning betting plan you are placed in higher percentage of winning than casual punters.

There is no formula to betting but we get the general idea when we analysis a pre-match or in-play match and may vary for casino games. Although their tipsters in the market claiming to offer fixed odds in the market, it’s not recommend to pay for fixed bets since sports betting is unpredictable, therefore we recommend sticking to the basics of gambling that is analysis, look for value in odds and place reasonable stake amounts.

Tips on Taking your Betting Career to the Next Level

  1. Self-analysis- go through previous bet slip results history it doesn’t matter wins or losses, to reach the professional level we need to understand our mistakes and look for solutions to avoid making silly mistakes that end up costing us money. By self-analyzing improves better decision making and also we can exploit other betting options or markets that we didn’t initially notice before.
  2. Control emotions- after losing we tend to be emotional, we all don’t like losing money but it’s part of the job so being positive and calm after a loss is a difficult skill, if mastered can prove to be an important virtue. We should train ourselves to be calm since anger can cloud judgement and cause more harm than good.
  3. Develop a strategy and be consistent- being new at betting means you are still experimenting with online gambling and therefore not organized or focused and usually to become among the best professional punters we need to understand your gaming style.
  4. Financial discipline- if you are looking to make profit from online betting you will need to manage finances to avoid bankruptcy as a result of addictive gambling life style.
  5. Create a winning mentality- start with small wins to boost confidence after a losing streak, look for events you like and place bets on such events. Being positive and aggressive can be beneficial at some point in your betting career.

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