How to Profitably bet on Low Odds

In the betting industry, odds are used to determine the possible outcome of an event. Hence the higher the odd value, the lower the chances of winning and while the lower the odd value the higher the possibility of winning the event.

Lower odds have created speculation that choosing such low odd values is much safer in order to win. However truth be told, some of the events may end with the underdog with higher odd value winning. It’s always advisable to understand when and how to use the low value odds offered by bookmakers based on statistics.

Low Odds Betting

Everyone has his/her own opinion on how to bet using low odd values. Today we are going to share some of the betting experiences on low betting and when to use this option. We hope you find the advice helpful to your betting experience on low odd bets.

When the bet type agrees with the match analysis

The low odds can be accessed through different bet types like the 3 way, double chance, both teams to score and over/ under goals. The bet type is important especially after doing intense analysis on a pre-match event and in order to win we can choose the most like outcome which are mostly represented by low odd value.

You could also use different bet type markets that are safer if the chances of winning are made easier. Lower odds don’t matter and you should not make a decision based on odd value.

Avoid supporting specific teams

Most of the time, a true football fan will always choose his team without logic. This is even if the team is at the top of the table. It’s also possible they may not win all their games and in some cases, smaller teams have broken rivalry records after years of facing defeat to the top team in the league. So when making the decision of choosing the low odd value, always pick the favourite bet type prediction and avoid being emotional about your team winning.

Don’t pick lower odds because they are safer

Low odds don’t always guarantee the win since statistics have shown punters avoiding high odd value that disadvantage the underdog from winning the event.

Sometimes teams may decide to surprise us by winning one or two games at the end of a season having lost most of their league matches. This may motivate them to win despite receiving negative media review and harsh fan backlash.

Avoid betting on low odds between two stronger teams

In the top leagues like the Premier League, the matches are always bound to end as draws therefore having no winner. Since the odds are always low for a home team win or an away team win its rare to see a draw odd being lower than an odd of 2.05 and this proves the theory that match outcomes based on lower odds vary with team and leagues.

Always try to avoid low odds when there is a top league match between two favourites to win and always choose a safer bet type like double chance among other bet types based on statistics.

Low odds are good when playing multi bets markets

Multi bets are sometimes important when you are looking to make that kill on winnings, using a large stake amount and some may say its risky but isn’t risk part of gambling principles? Veteran punters may decide to pick some of the lowest odds in the market using a large stake. They risk it all for a win and this is referred to as the gut feeling event.

When you are having a good day, you may decide to risk the large stake amount by placing low odds on the multi bet. This may pay off or result in a loss and it is advisable to always balance your bet types.

Understand your favourite gaming style using low odds value markets

Once you have mastered that gaming style that always makes you win, the selection based on lower odds may encourage or motivate you to bet using this type of style and may pay off depending on your decision making process.

The best gaming style is using all betting tools at your disposal, we encourage balancing of odd values to increase chances of winning and increase the possible chances of winning big.

Low odds are good when playing in-play matches

Livestreaming provides the best gaming environment since we get information as the match progress and this is key when picking that bet type. Since the outcome is mostly decided by a lower odd value it’s easy to pick that match outcome without hesitation.

Each time you play that live match always analyse the match but don’t take too much time doing this, then pick that lower odd that agrees with your match analysis.

Rule out all possible outcomes before settling on low odds

Not doing enough research is the main problem with punters and thus they settle with lower odds, despite having much higher odds offers that are promising.

Don’t let low value odds cloud your judgement from enjoying that higher odd winning chance. Do the necessary research and pick that winning chance.

Try to avoid limited market options

Bookmakers limit markets especially on in-play matches to confuse your decision making skills and thus we end up picking the lower odds in the market that result in a loss.

Forget about fixed odds

Stubborn punters are known for notoriously sticking to odds that can range between 1.5-1.8 means that each league should range between these odds picked and this is actually a bad idea since the punter doesn’t consider the possible outcome on each event. Generalization of multiple events based on odds value is actually a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen, just forget about fixed odds and that nonsense of using low odds to bet on all types of events.

Instead decide whether the low odd value is good enough to confirm that win for you and always try to balance between different odd values.

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