Taking Advantage of Odds Movements in Betting

Bookmakers increase or lower odds depending on the market demand for popular events the underdog is usually given an overrated odd value making the possibilities seems almost nearly impossible for the outcome to occur and underrated odds are given to the dominant team.

Most punters follow instincts and will pick the underrated odd due to the misleading believe lower odds are safer majority will pick the changing low odds and is a common trend on the livestreaming features where odds are updated regularly as the match progress to its end.

Odds Movements in Betting

The average punter doesn’t use previous head-to-head stats but only focuses on the lower odds offered in the market and professional punters utilize both the safer odd value and higher odds depending on their previous experience they are better equipped to predict the possible outcome.

The tactic of playing it safe is logical but in gambling there also risks associated with the odd value since the bookmaker has a good perception of the outcome due to years of experience and can offer higher odds to trick you into placing some unlikeable bets.

The main advantage is the upper hand on in-play games over the punter. Here bookmakers are usually caught off guard in pre-match event since both stakeholders have not possible idea of the future event and hence the bet odds are usually higher, but will later own be updated depending on the crowds choice.

To avoid bankruptcy bookmakers usually charge a given percentage on the odds offered and this is also used to determine the capacity of the online betting company to make payouts to the winning customer and also making that important profit. Hence the difference in odd prices as the game progress during an in-play match and this usually affects the crowds’ instincts.

Evaluating the acquired knowledge

Technology has over the years changed gambling styles of most punters who dare to use it and over the years punters have managed to use available information to predict the possible outcome. The livestreaming features have additional benefits which include possession, shots on target, cards, injuries and odds values. This has assisted punters in their decision making process and has greatly increased their winning percentage to more than 50%.

In gambling numbers speak louder than the actual odds but numbers sometimes may cloud our judgment and make us more rigid to picking the logical outcome and majority end up following the trend based on the odds offered by the bookmaker. Interpretation of information is key in picking the best odd and depends on how you have interpreted the knowledge acquired. There is no right or wrong decisions only the consequences of your actions and in order to win you need to gain knowledge in odds movements.

The odd changes

The odd changes are determined by bookmakers’ analysis on number of bets placed apart from other internet sources or rival odd values offered and will vary depending on the marketing strategies employed by an online betting wishing to compete favorably by offering boosted odds on popular events.

Popular world leagues odds are easy to understand how the odd value came about and is also affected by crowd decisions. This leads to changes in the odds markets and rapidly change during live matches depending on the match statistics that is updated regularly during the match.

In most instance the value is based on numbers and we don’t get the chance to understand how such odd values where determined, especially on pre-matches the bookmaker has no idea of the possible outcome and may randomly pick odds to attract unsuspecting punters. Although the reasoning behind the strategy used is simple, it becomes even more complicated when the punters pick and amount of placed bets are determined.

This numbers will directly affect the odd prices to either rise or fall during the match and may be advantages if the odds are picked much earlier before the system automatically updates the market odds. The odds determined by crowds tend to be rigid unless a large group decides to change the view on the possible outcome by changing from the initial trend.

The price volatility this measured by day to day percentage brought about by the degree of variations presented by the crowds pick and this volatility provides a measure of price.

Factors determining odd variations

There a lot of variations that affect the odd change the most common is the high roller activity whereby a well-established bookmaker odd value is copied by a number of bookmakers and thus becomes a universal odd on the same event.

The bookie may bring a sense of odd variation by directly manipulating the figures on odds to stimulate punters to place bets by boosting pre-match odds and also updating the live streaming odds. The market movement drives punters to one particular direction that affects the gaming ability since the decision is already made through instinct and this is mainly the cause of market movement.

It’s not advisable to follow the market trends but if the conclusions draw are solid then pick the best odd value will be a walk in the park and you may be influenced to bet more depending on the odd offered. In most cases the bookie is not found of making mistakes on their odd prices and this is rarely the case since their usually right.

The bookmaker is however not immune to mistakes and this usually leads to them rendering a match void by closing all bets in order to temporarily freeze all markets. The cause is due to miscalculations made and the bookie is desperately trying to withdraw their initially manipulated odd markets.

Taking that odd movement advantage

By understanding how the bookie determines the odds we can look for value and determine their possible outcome to benefit from the payout. An experienced punter better understands how the odd affect the bookies decisions for placing such number thus we can benefit from the movement we have better ground on statistics and past events.

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